As a designer, it i important to keep fun and creative life, and sketch is myway to do so. In this page, I show my skills of graphical design, as well my passion.

Sketch Book

Digital Drawing (Procerate) | 2018 - 2019 | Ipad, Ipad pen


A series digital drawing work about cocktail.

Sex on the Beach
Tom Collins
Old Fashioned
Cuba Libre
My Friend 1

A series skeches of my close friends, which was simply finished by using my finger drawing on my tablet.

My Friend 2
My Friend 3
My Friend 4
My Friend 5
My Friend 6
My Friend 7
My Friend 8
My Friend 9
My Friend 10
My Friend 11
My Friend 12
My Friend 13
My Friend 14
My Friend 15
My Friend 16
My Friend 17

2018 | I finished this drawing on the way from Casablanca to Marrakech - the building was changing to a brown orange color which fading into the background with sand and mountains.

La mer
New Year Mood

2018 | Illustration I made during Chinese new year. I was not able to spend the time with my family which makes me homesick a lot.


2018 | Drew during my first week in the Netherlands, it was raining.

Automotive Sketch

Interior Design Sketch

This sketch served as visualization of a design project in Tongji University, which focused on the screen and HUD design in vehicle.

Paper Work A2

Drawing on a A2 Paper with marker pen and chalk pen.

Graphical Design | Commercial


This logo was designed for a small media company, which focused on sharing basic and interesting knowledge about legalization and law knowledge. The shape of the logo is derived from the Chinese character 律(lv), which means the law. The shape shows a imagery of rubik's cube, which represents the feeling of solving problem in a fun way. This is also the goal of the media to construct knowledge system of laws in a fun fashion.

Logo Design 2020

This logo was designed for the Burton Research Group of UCLA. The logo represents the shape of the earchquake wave, and combined with the initial letters of the Burton Research Group.

Cover Design 2018

The final product of the cover design for a published law relevant book

Cover Design 2018

Design iterations of the cover design for a published law relevant book

Graphic Design 2018

This was the poster for the Tongji University Alumni Activity in Germany 2018.

Logo Design 2017

The logo was designed for Neues Advertising company, Shanghai. It is a automotive related advertising studio based on We-chat social medial.

Logo Design 2013

This is the logo for the Hey8 Billiard Club of Tongji Univeristy, Shanghai, China. I was the co-founder of this student club.