Drill Concept with User Centered Design

Design Project | 1 week

Skill: product design, common-core, user-centered design, market research, ergonomics

Team: Liping Hua, Mengru Zheng, Ru Lu, Du Wang

The project lasts only one week and went through a user-centered design method. Based on the pre-research, we had two rounds of brainstorms and came out with a number of problems and design opportunities. Then we analyze the brand and developed the Common-Core, which indicate the design language of the brand. In the end, we design a drill on account of all the research and analysis we did.

More details please use a laptop.



Group 3.png

Pre-research: desk-research on product and market, interview users.


Problems, Needs & Design Opportunities Method:

     - Write down the problems on yellow stickers 

     - Organize similar problems into categories with blue stickers

     - Deciding the most urgent problems

     - Extract the needs of the problems with pick stickers

     - Summarize the design opportunities with blue stickers

     - Write down the design opportunities.

The summary of the brainstorm is shown as followed. I chose to focus on how to prevent from dust using a drill. 

Problem Map

How to create a better experience while using a drill?

Group 2.png

The core technology of Dyson- the mini-sphere motor can be used in the drill and make the vacuum idea realizable.

3D Rendering

Brand Research.  



Most drills are designed for professional users but unprofessional users also need portable drills in daily life. Compared with other household electrical appliances, Dyson is expensive, yet the design and the quality of Dyson are accordingly high. Dyson is especially famous for its high-tech. Based on the brand identity, a common-core is created, with all the design languages we can use.

Concept Development.  

Group 1.png

Using Senario


This project was tense and finished in only one week. I learn a lot about teamwork. I am able to combine design opportunities with brand identity. The brand research also gives a new perspective on the design in a business context. 

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