Designing with Advanced A.I.

There is increasing awareness that designing for UX also relates to meaningful design, requiring that we empathize with the user (or rather the person/human) and consider their values and needs in everyday life. In this elective, I have learned the basic principle, theory, methods and tools of user experience in interactive and intelligent systems, and contextualized the theories through a practice session with the real design challenges provided by companies.

The outcomes of this electives consist of three parts:

        - UX portfolio (PDF): formulating my own insight and frame about user experience and user experience design. 

        - Design Challenge: real design challenge provided by Philips Design.

        - UX Manifesto: a concise description of a particular point of attitude toward user experience.


Design Challenge

The challenge is to improve patient’s experiences while staying in the smart changing room of a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) department. The provisioned solution is to implement a ‘virtual nurse’ that assists patients while staying in this room.

Design Project | 2 month

Skill: data mining, weka, processing

Team: Laura, Edwin, Silvia