Haoyu Dong

Designer | Ph.D. Student

Ph.D. & Education

I am currently a Ph.D. researcher in Industrial Design, at TU Eindhoven, with an academic background in Industrial Design and Vehicle Engineering. The knowledge accumulated through my bachelor's and master's studies provides me with a multidisciplinary perspective and a good foundation. Obtaining a doctoral title would push me further to become an educator and professor of the design and automotive domain. 

Image by Wan San Yip

As the expectation for automated vehicles (AV) is increasing, the final implementation relied more on the soft aspects rather than the technology. I will be able to take the designer's responsibility to connect humans with AV through better usability and user experience, in order to improve trust, acceptance, and even safety. I aim at reconsidering human factors in AV and searching for new design principles of interior design.

I am a designer focusing on creating an enjoyable interactive experience that involves our human sensations as physical beings. I focus more on the humanity in people, the original pieces in our life, and the born-with dexterities. Therefore, I often get inspired by thinking about how I can ground the high technologies into a human’s daily life. Moreover, I am fond of creating artifacts that integrate digital and tangible worlds, that can be touched and felt. I evaluate these design concepts and decisions through methodically studying users, modeling business and analyzing societal effects.

As a strategic and insightful person, I am good at identifying the obligations and delegating duties to the team or myself. Thus, I am able to manage both team and individual projects agilely.


Eindhoven, the Netherlands

h.dong [a] tue.nl

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